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The writing is just the beginning... you'll get solid ideas, follow-through, and RESULTS.

Business Writer.  PR Pro.  Partner.

I use my background in corporate communications and agency public relations to help businesses: 

-Execute online marketing and promotions
-Build solid, credible social media presences
-Write and manage website content

-Understand and use public relations to achieve goals
-Write blogs, e-newsletters, emails, speeches
-Write and win grants 

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Finding the right words for a specific situation or audience is a struggle for many people.
Words, phrases and messages are my line of work. Like turning on a faucet, the right words flow, and the communications process is well on its way.

Yet for many, creating messages is a lengthy, awkward process resulting in grammatically incorrect and ineffective material. Many toil over the writing process and fret about ways to reach their customers, wasting time and money.

I solve these problems for clients and colleagues, and I can help you overcome your communication challenges. As an audience-focused writer trained in public relations, I help businesses reach customers with strategic marketing and effective copy. I write adaptable messages that make sense to readers, and I can help you develop streamlined plans to reach your communication goals.

I specialize in: public relations, social media, web content (landing pages, website copy), business writing, email campaigns, Facebook ad campaigns, newsletters (online and print), press releases, media relations, copywriting, blog posts, speeches, event marketing, grants, case studies, white papers and articles.